Shooter Sandwich w/ bacon and Swiss: Amazing Experience!

Here's what you're going to need. After you learned how to do it correctly, you can modify the ingredients by your own choice

Cook all the shit:  try to leave the steaks a little rare because they will be cooked again later

Shove one of the steaks in the bread

Sauce up the steak: I left half with no sauce so people can choose
One layer of bacon

One layer of cheese

Stuff as much as onion and mushroom as you can, it will be tastier with more

Then add the other steak along with all the juices of it

A little more sauce perhaps

Add more cheese (maybe a different type)

Put the top of the bread back on

wrap in butcher's paper

Wrap in foil

Place of heavy cutting board on top of it 

Now add as much as weight you can and then wait and wait
I used more than 50 KG and waited for about 4 hours

Take weight off

Now carefully cut and enjoy

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