The November 4th in Iran ... From 1980 to 2009

It was November 4th 1980 when some groups of Iranian Students by the order of some political leaders & hardliners invaded the American embassy in Tehran & captured its employees as hostages, since then Islamic Republic of Iran had no direct political relationships with America & there was no embassy of USA in Tehran, nor embassy of Iran in USA.

It's been said that many politicians did not agree with such invasion to the US embassy however no one directly claimed this idea since it had been supported by "Ayatollah Khomeini" as the leader of the country on that time.

This is November 4th 2009. This is almost 5 months after Iran's questionable election which leaded to second term presidency of Mahmud Ahmadinejad. Each year the government celebrates 4th of November as a day of "getting rid of America" anniversary & so called as "Student Day" in Iran. However this time students have something different in their path. In continuation of the "Green Movement" & in support of all prisoners of these past few months, In Support of Democracy & for the sake of a better future, they plan to make this day as "Green" as possible. The government of Iran is getting worried and started to spread fearful notices in order to avoid any demonstration, However they are going to be wasted.

Tomorrow, Tehran will be green again & I've heard that tonight people are chanting on rooftops the songs & slogans that they sing every night when they want to show their solidarity, when ever they want to say: WE ARE STILL HERE!

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