Poker in Casino Genting

I’m not a gambler nor a casino lover or anything like this However I like to play poker. Gambling is absolutely illegal in Malaysia except one specific spot called: “Genting Casino”

Genting Casino is located on hills with a distance of about 1 hour driving from Kuala Lumpur & perhaps there were only a pressure from Chinese Malaysians and as a tourist attraction that Malaysia has this place; Like in Dubai which basically there is no casino in Dubai but there are some specific spots for very rich individuals who can play.

Genting has got many other attractions rather than casinos, like: Theme parks, shopping malls, hotels, Skyway (Cable Car) & ... They have estimated that each year almost 19 million people visit Genting Highland.

This weekened, there is poker tournament in Genting Casino & am on it. So, wish me luck!

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