Some Amazing Facts About Brazil

1. Brazil Prisons offer their prisoners to reduce their sentence for 4 days (up to 48 days/year) for every Book they read and write a report on. [Source]

2. Brazil couldn't afford to send its athletes to LA for the 1932 Olympics, so loaded them onto a ship full of coffee and made them sell it on the way. [Source]

3. Brazil tried to sell an aircraft carrier on eBay. [Source]

4. Brazil is the first country in the world to totally ban indoor tanning for anyone of any age. [Source]

5. Brazil holds a yearly pageant show called Miss BumBum Brasil to judge which woman has the best bootie in the country. [Source]

6. Brazil has a 120% tax on video games because of an old law that classifies all games as gambling. [Source]

7. Prisons in Brazil use geese as security. [Source]

8. Brazil has an Island so populated with extremely venomous snakes that Humans are banned. Density is as high as one snake per square meter. [Source]

9. Brazil with more than 4 million as the total number of plant and animal species has probably the most diverse wildlife of the world.  [Source]

10. Brazil is the the Fifth Biggest Economy of the world. (as of 2013) [Source]
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