The Story of Human Rights?

Well, I found an interesting video clip about "Human Rights" and shared it here.
While taking a look at its comments in YouTube, found many irrelevant comments which may not seem that irrelevant. Iranian were angry about not mentioning the origin of Cyrus the Great as always they are so sensitive about these sort of matters. remember the movie 300 or the Persian/Arabian Gulf fight in Google?

Other people have also commented that none of other individuals in this video have been mentioned by their nationality which is totally true. Actually the point of this video has absolutely nothing to do with nationalities and countries and/or boundaries which have led to all these types of prejudice and discrimination. Exactly this was the point! Creating all these boundaries by mankind from the beginning of its kingdom was to provide tools and means for dictators to move on easier, even sometimes with the support of some population who have been fooled by them.
Let's take a look at the video and let me know what you think:

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