Malaysian Fruits and its variation

Here in Malaysia, You can easily find a lot of various fruits that you may have seen rarely in other countries or you have not seen or heard about at all. Fruits like Durian, Mangosteen, Jackfruit, Guava & Papaya. Since am not a fruit type of person I don’t really enjoy eating any of them however my wife is an absolute fan. One of the reasons she can’t think of any other country for living is Malaysian fruits!
About Durian I should tell you its got a very bad smell and I can not even pass by its counters by less than five meters distance. Even my wife could not eat it, but my friends here usually tell me that its taste is totally different than its smell and its a delicious and addictive fruit!

Jackfruit, Mangosteen & Guava, I like them but when it reach to Papaya , again its not possible to eat too much of it because it’s got no taste. I tell you something so you can enjoy the most of Papaya! Its almost a secret & we found it out by chance. Lime juice! Add some lemon juice to it & its gonna be great and tasty!

Papayas have two important figures which we have to eat it here. First is that Papayas have the most amount of Vitamin C among all these fruits. Its got ten times more vitamin C than orange. The second reason is helping digestion process which sometimes becomes a problem in Malaysia because of eating lots of spicy foods!
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