The Eights Day

Sometimes I wish was George. (Try to pronounce George in French Accent) By this George I mean the character in the Movie “Le huitième jour” (The Eights Day). Its a French movie from the director "Jaco Van Dormael" who made this movie in 1996 & after that didn’t actually directed any other movie until this year.

I remember I watched it around 1998 for the first time and it was a wonderful night, the night I watched it for the first time. I was about 18 years. Years have gone now and I decided to watch it again, this time with my wife and a few friends. It was still amazing, still heart shaking and very impressive. I can’t believe how life could be simple and fun. I can’t believe how mankind has made it so difficult to live and this much complicated. When you watch George that he is so happy with a few songs that he knows and when you see this guy who will simply express his feelings to anyone he likes... Its awesome!

Try to find it and watch. It will really be one of your favorite movies all time because this is a different movie.
The story he has about how God has created the stuff within 7 days and what happened in the 8th day is sure the best quote of this movie. It's fascinating

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